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About Us

Haritas is brand name of Raw, fresh, organic and pure desi cow milk (a2 milk), and unprocessed, unadulterated, high quality, safe and healthy – directly from our diary to your home

Our Vision

We S.L.V Diary Farm started its activity in 2016 with a vision to establish pure Gir cow breed and enhance A2 milk production in Bangalore, we are in to dairy farming business located 35 km outskirts of Bangalore. 

Our practice

We practice natural and organic farming method of grazing to our cows with modern husbandry observe of our livestock, we pledge natural organic farming for production of fodder unadulterated by any kind of modern fertilizers or pesticides to walk with nature, as intended  as to be.

Know your milk!

Over 95% of cow milk available in market is of foreign breed cows that is Jersey cow and HF(Holstein Friesians),” what is big matter with it! “, there is DEVIL IN THE MILK as referred by Prof. KEITH WOODFORD at Lincoln university New Zealand , His effort has explained  mankind with evidence  to consume  only A2 milk

Mother’s milk is a2 milk, Desi cow milk is a2 milk Give children a2 milk as intended by nature as to be

Our Farm

Most of other milk brands collects milk from different farmers houses, wherein cattle health, milking methods most important fodder giving to cattle are not monitored, where as we have only pure desi  gir cow breed grazed in our farm with good quality organic fodder, machine milking system with good health monitored , so quality and hygiene  of milk is assured.

Milking and Quality

From milking machines fresh milk goes to chillers, cooling milk to 40C to maintain freshness, natural goodness of milk and keep them safe from harmful bacterial growth.


Chilled milk then packed and sealed in Eco-friendly glass bottles so to maintain freshness and temperature for quite longer time, Hence quality and tamper proof taken care upmost, Delivery is made from our farm to hubs – from hubs to your doorstep within few hours

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    We need saturated fats in our diet, they make us healthy, and we can’t function properly without these substances

    Ancient ayurvedic method is adopted to prepare purest desi cow ghee at our farm using Haritas desi cow milk which has classic rich aroma and granular texture.

    preparation – fresh milk is boiled completely, little portion of curd is added once milk cools down, this complete curd is further churned by using our traditional bilona method to obtain raw butter, further butter is constantly boiled for 6-10 hour on clay pot at lower flame to collect purest desi cow ghee. This is called as whole milk ghee and has all medicinal properties of desi cow milk.


    To produce 1 kg pure desi cow ghee in above said method, it takes 25-30 liters of milk, only butter milk is obtained as a bi-product in this process , hence this method cost little expensive yet  our health cautious  customer  goes that further mile to care about their  healthy  by purchasing this super food from us

    Benefits of Ghee

    According to Ayurveda more than 30 diseases are cured from Desi Cow Ghee
    • It helps curing migraine headache, mind stress and allergies
    • It’s also used for brain stroke (paralysis)  or blood clot in brain it is observed gradual improvement and cure
    • It also improves in hair growth and nourishment of skin
    • It promotes one’s energy, vitality, immunity and Sharpens brain
    • Helpful in curing acidity, improves digestion and absorption of nutrients
    • It has Ldl good cholesterol

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