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Our Dairy farms Primary concern is to produce fresh desi cow milk –A2 milk, secondly grazing our desi cows with organic and nutritious fodder, thirdly creating awareness to public on a2 milk health benefits and the facts of ordinary milk already available in market A1 which are from foreign breed cows

Right time to know which milk should be consumed A1 milk or A2 milk

Milk is Vital source of energy drink, Milk consist of water, carbohydrates, fat, vitamins, minerals, protein and much more, To our discussion protein are two primary protein in milk, they are WHEY and CASEIN more sub-divisions of CASEIN like Alpha, cape, beta etc., beta there are 8 different betas two we are considering here, A1 beta Casein and A2 beta casein, They both differ from each other structurally. The foreign breed cows like Holstein Friesian, Guernsey breeds carries A1 beta casein yields A1 milk where as Desi cow has A2 beta casein yields A2 milk.

A1 is a mutated beta-casein protein found in milk, Prof. Keith Woodford in his book “DEVIL IN THE MILK” which is best seller in Newzealand, highlights with evidence to this mutation and range of serious health issues, related to heart disease, type1 diabetes, autism and infuriating neurological disorders

It is said that mutated issues started in foreign breed cow like Holstein  and Guernsey cows hundreds of year ago, It is also been passed to our India and been crossed to other breeds  because this foreign breed cows are been to improve the milk productivity in almost all breeds and meet the demands of milk in our local market.

Health related issues are alleged to be caused by mutation that is tiny protein fragment formed when A1 beta casein of milk is digested in out guts, milk that does not contain this mutated proteins is called as A2 milk, Normal milk which is supplied in our local market 90% of them are this Mutated A1 milk, below are detailed technical information on A1 and A2 milk

The beta-casein proteins found in cow’s milk are made of a string of 209 amino acids which holds as chain linked together. The difference between A1 and A2 amazingly is just one of those amino acids. With A1 milk, number 67 is a histidine instead of a proline!  A2 milk has proline binds very tightly to the amino acids on either side of it where the histidine does not. The histidine breaks off forming a peptide of a string of 7 amino acids called beta-casomorphin-7. Casomorphins have opioid (narcotic) properties and are not digested well by most people, other risk factor of BCM7 related to Type 1 Diabetes (DM-1), Coronary heart disease (CHD), Arteriosclerosis, formation of arterial, autism in infants, sudden infant death syndrome, Schizophrenia , asperger’s syndrome, endocrine dysfunction like hormone imbalance, endometritis  and related infertility problems in women, digestive distress and leaky gut syndrome

Indigenous cow commonly identified by their body structures like hump, dewlap, forehead, this structure is present in all Desi cows, this hump in Vedic cows has a specific vein called “surya ketu nadi” and this vein take in radiations and energies from sun, moon and all other luminary and the divine effect of goodness shall be add in milk, ghee, dung, urine. Where-in it is absent in foreign breed cows.

Pure Desi cow produces A2 milk, which is natural and healthy, this milk contains A2 allele of beta casein protein which is a sign of high nutritional value.

Foreign breed cows in other hand produces A1 milk which is not properly digested from our body and the milk protein breaks down easily, resulting in the formation of casomorphin called BCM7 , A1 milk is said to increase various health problems like autism and type-1 diabetes

Benefits of A2 milk:

Good nutrition is very important for maintaining healthy body, good skin, and sound mind, Haritas desi cow a2 milk gives all the vital vitamins, proteins and minerals to do so.

  • Beta casein of desi cow A2 milk and human milk are identical, thus makes it very suitable for children, so it’s better to start A2 milk for kids instead of A1 milk.
  • A2 milk is considered good for guts health, make easy bowl movement and easy digestion
  • A2 milk very healthy, adds as beneficiary post workout drink for the people who does regular excises the WHEY and CASEIN protein present in milk helps to rebuilt muscles structure after vigorous workouts
  • A2 milk also helps sound sleep, studies say that proteins presents in desi cow milk helps to quality sleep, and to improve symptoms related to insomnia like anxiety, depression.
  • Studies say that regular consumption of A2 milk shown decreasing the symptoms of autism in infants, cardiovascular diseases and various neurological and immunological disorders.

Desi cow milk is better in-terms of taste, nutritional values and health benefits, Thus Haritas desi cow milk should be regular diet of every healthy and happy family

What is “Haritas” Milk?

‘Haritas’ – Desi cow raw milk is well known for its intrinsic high values, nourishment and its medicinal values,  We adhere to serve our customer with real cow milk (i.e a2 milk) assuring NO Preservatives and adulterants, NO Hormonal growth injection to cow for more yield,  for treatments, -practice of Ayurvedic and homeopathy medicines are in use against antibiotics or drugs.

Why Haritas Milk?

We are producers not aggregators unlike the other brands milk producers we don’t collect milks from huge farmers. If milk is collected from different  farmer houses  then milk should be pasteurized, that means freshness and nutrients of milk will be lost, so we have mid size farm , where in only pure  desi cow breed Gir cow is grazed with organic green fodder  just 35km away from main Bangalore city, working hard to provide our customers nature prescribed form of milk that is pure fresh and organic desi cow milk without losing its original form delivered at your  doorstep , Haritas milk is fresh/Raw  cow milk insense we don’t process milk while doing so we maintain natural minerals and vitamins present in it , Haritas cow milk is an wholesome milk we aim to provide you natural form of desi cow milk.

What is the guarantee of A2 milk?

Haritas Milk Proudly announces Bangalore’s first certified A2 milk with proper accreditation, additional to it we send milk samples periodically to FSSAI labs by which quality is authenticated at high priority.

How to get Supply? what is the cost of haritas a2 milk?

We don’t supply milk through any kinds of retail shops nor we have any outlets, milk is delivered through glass bottles only through getting subscribed to either plans

  • Introduction subscription – weekly ( 7 day )
  • Monthly subscription  – 30 Days
  • 6 months subscription – 180 Days
  • 12 months subscription – 365 Days

Cost of  pasteurized milk 1litre pouch at Rs.110/- *per liter (There may be slight changes in price based on your location)

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